CTS Lecture 1: Memory and Line by Harriet Edwards

This was our first lecture, and admittedly I had a bit of difficulty understanding it at first. I didn’t understand why ‘lines’ was anything to get particularly excited about. But as Harriet went on in her lecture, showing us visual examples and then having us do the group activities, it became a bit clearer.

Lines are everywhere, not only visually but on something less tangible, like thoughts or emotion. Lines compose everything in the universe. I think it was a bit hard to grasp at first because I was visualising straight lines. But as Harriet pointed out, lines come in all sorts of forms from curly, dotted, criss cross, ect…

Our first task was to draw on this large bit of paper, all of us at the table had to contribute and she really didn’t want us putting too much forethought into it, merely to just draw. I noticed almost immediately that Dian drew very orderly, neat lines, which I think reflects her work aesthetic. She’s incredibly organised and linear in her thought processes, at least from what I’ve seen in her sketchbook, and it was funnily enough reflected in her work. As for myself? Sporadic and abstract. I’m not sure what that says about me but it was interesting to note none the less.


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