New Area of Research: Collapsible Furniture

Following our assessment in class, we got some pretty good feedback I think. One of the main things that was pointed out to us was that we fixated on one solution with out actually bothering to explore any other. Admittedly this is true, once we locked on the issue the fix seemed pretty obvious. Use pallets which are plenty in the market and use those to build something new. Alex made a good point however, that we should look at other recyclable furniture like cardboard.

I have doubts about the cardboard even now, only because I don’t see it lasting very long in the damp weather of London. However, we’re considering it. Off to the library we went and collected some books. My partner Dian is researching the cardboard furniture while I begin to look at something else. Collapsible.

Things that could hypothetically be made smaller for easy storage but when needed they can be quickly set up and there wouldn’t be a single worry that someone would roll off with it.

I looked at a few books in the library however the most helpful was the one aptly titled Collapsible. I took a few shots of the things in the book to explore further. It requires a bit of understanding of motion and how things fit together. You can’t just make it and hope it all fits, it has to be carefully thought out. I came up with an idea for barrels and fold up stools, it’s not half bad, though I’m not sure how it would work in large groups.

Samples from the book:

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