CTS Lecture 6: The Author by Andrew Slatter

“They wipe the walls to clean our pen, but creative students will strike again. Holla!”

Something of the self has to come out when you write, so when you have to do something you run off and do many other things until you can draw this bit of you out.

You can do anything with technology, you can take a photograph and write the descriptor, or you can write a descriptor and then take a photograph that shows that descriptor. This whole notion is a polital thing.

Dear lulu by james goggin* 2008. conducted a two day workshop, works with the philosophy of print on demand, little financial risk, and passible results.

On Lulu you give them the work, they produce it. They’re impartial, they do as told. The designer must also be a producer, it shouldn’t be just the single producer. The producer alone can control what can and cannot be made, where as the other way, anything can be produced with the designer as the controller.

Daniel Ealock* Old school web one style of indexing. (side bar)

Visual Editions: An app that is all about telling stories in a creative and visual way.

Tree of codes by Johnatahn Salham

q: “after all this, do you see yourself as an author or a designer? Aren’t they often one and the same?” Stven heller Ny times

A: ” I see myself as someone who makes things. Definitions have never done anything but contrain”

To give a text an Author is to pose a limit on that text, to furnish it with a final signified, to close the writing” Roland Barthes, 1968

Who speaks, who writes? But who creates?

Palimpsest <- To erase something then create something else over it.

John Cage

Main Points of Lecture: Designer as a producer

Authorship- Self expression from personal experience.

Builds a bridge between artists/ writers and designer. Singular way of working.


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