CTS Lecture 8: Pose! ‘That’s Not Me’ by Dr. Mark Ingham.

Pose! ‘That’s Not Me’ by Dr. Mark Ingham.

Images have multiple meanings to them. If a photograph is showed and people are asked what they think is going on, they’ll tell you what they see. If you add text to the photograph it can change your entire perspective on what it is. If an ultimate authority came and told you what you were seeing you might change or morph what you see to fit what you’re being told.

Enhanced version of Nicephore niece’s View form the Windo at Le Gras (1826) , the earliest surviving photograph of a scene from nature taken with a camera obscura”  Pinhole photography.

In early photography there weren’t a lot of people in the photo’s, the reason was because  people moved too much and the camera couldn’t catch them.

In an 1828 letter to his partner, Nicephore Niece, Louis Dagurre wrote, “I’m burning with desire to see your experiments from nature”

Burning with desire: Conception of Photography by Geoffrey Batchen

The First Photograph of a human*

1839 is generally regarded as the year that photograph as we know it commenced . There had been some earlier experiments, but problems with long exposure…

The public announcement giving details of the Daguerreotype process was not made until 19th of August 1839

Talbot Discovery

Photogenic Drawing, 25 of January 1839

William Henry Fox Talbot displayed the results of his negative/ positive process to the Rotal Institution in London on 25 of January 1838

Portrait of Christina 1913 by Lieutenant Colonel Something

Hidden mothers and dead babies

The selfie at the funeral?

Serious guy focused on something, maybe about to catch a baseball or throw it?

A man walking down the street or turning around a corner and the sunlight suddenly flashes i his eyes.

A man up on a stage, just finished talking and is walking off and got caught by surprise from the photographer and he’s none too happy about it.

A lady who is in a crowd and happened to glance up and notice the camera pointed at her.

A security guard for someone, likely the person infront of him.


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