My Space: Observations

The space is in crouch end, a music house that has been around since 1880. There are 16 people here, most of them are uni students and they’re here to support a friend who will be performing a song. The building used to be a church but has since become a music house. Every weekend people come to perform so that others can listen to them. During the week the community uses the space to host workshops or meetings. There is a small cafe there, the serve coffee and sandwiches. The music is playing, it is now a concert. The first band has 2 women and 1 man, only the man is singing.

The people are screaming and making a lot noise. The night goes on like this, people come to the stage and they perform, then they leave and a new group or person comes on. There are 2 pints on the table. Three people are sitting and one has a drink in their hand. The show is over now and people have left. The staff is going around picking up the pint glasses and talking about the show. There will be another show next weekend. And there will be another show the weekend after that. 


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